How to watch BBB 21 live 24 hours a day on Globoplay

Big Brother Brasil is one of the biggest hits on Spanish television and each edition gains more space on social networks. The 20th edition of TV Globo's reality show was the most popular television program on Twitter in 2020, and the current edition of the BBB is moving in the same direction.

However, Internet users are getting new information every minute and, in order not to miss anything, many are using Globoplay, the broadcaster's streaming service, to catch the house's cameras 24 hours a day.

On the second day of BBB 21, Globoplay broke the all-time record for subscriptions, the number of sales 11 times greater than the average. The streaming platform has annual subscription plans starting at BRL 19,90, and monthly plans at a minimum cost of BRL 22,90.

Subscribers can watch the live transmission from 11 cameras spread throughout the reality show's house to catch the participants' daily lives, the fights, the tests and also the parties. In addition to pay-per-view, it is possible to watch all episodes of the program shown on TV and programs aimed at television, or Click BBB and Chat or eliminated.

Watch the BBB 24 hours a day

To watch the program, users must access the official Globoplay website, choose a plan and create an account on the platform. Streaming has versions for computers and Android or iOS phones.

1 – Scroll down the application’s home page to the “Live on BBB” tab and select the camera you want to capture.

How to watch BBB 21 live 24 hours a day on Globoplay
Print from the Globoplay app for Android.

2 – It is also possible to open the “Now on TV” screen and click on the “BBB” option to catch the live cameras.

How to watch BBB 21 live 24 hours a day on Globoplay
Streaming from Globo allows you to watch reality shows live.

Ready! Now you know how to catch the BBB 24 hours a day through Globoplay.

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